Are Manicures Just An Extravagance

Are Manicures Just An Extravagance

A lot of people have this notion that manicures are a luxury, extra money being spent on vanity.

But if you really think about it, the hands are one of the hardest working parts of the body.

Don’t overlook the many health benefits you can get from professional manicures.

  1. It stimulates the skin and muscles, improving blood flow, relieving aches and pains
  2. It helps prevent hangnails
  3. It hydrate the nails
  4. It tames unruly cuticles
  5. It’s relaxing!

Even nail buffing has a health benefit. It stimulates blood flow in the nail bed, which promotes stronger, healthier nails.

But what if you don’t have strong, beautiful nails, should you still get a manicure? The answer is an absolute yes.

Weak, brittle nails will also get these benefits, plus we can introduce you to nail strengthening products that will deeply replenish the missing moisture and oil so you can get stronger nails.

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