Do You Have To Be A Celebrity To Have Skin Like This?

Do You Have To Be A Celebrity To Have Skin Like This?

Do you despair that only the rich and famous can have gorgeous skin?

Dear…dear…It’s time we had a talk!

Intense Pulsed Light therapy can make a dramatic difference in your skin and how you think of yourself. It rejuvenates, restores and smoothes out uneven skin tone, reducing or eliminating a great number of age-related problems.

And the down time is practically non-existent! Why? Because the light marches right past your epidermis, which is the outer layer of your skin. It then gently heats the cells of your dermis, the deeper layer of your skin—and that’s where all the action is.

Once there, the different wavelengths of light go after its target like age-spots or broken capillaries. While the heat is repairing the damage it’s also giving your skin an order: Produce new collagen and connective tissue! And your skin responds. (Nobody wants to disobey an order!)

Extremely cost-effective, IPL is not invasive and doesn’t carry the risks of laser therapy. So c’mon! It’s time for your close up!

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