Just like facial moisturizers, anti-aging face crèmes should NOT be used around the eyes. The eye area is too thin and too sensitive to handle anti-aging cremes meant for the face.

That’s why we have anti-aging eye cremes. These are formulated to work with the delicate eye area. And that’s fabulous because you never want to leave this area to Mother Nature! Anti-aging eye cremes help to produce a lifting effect with your eyes.

How? By producing collagen and new skin cell growth to help heal the wrinkle. As with other eye cremes, it’s best to pat the product around the eye to avoid tugging.

Anti-aging eye cremes, just like anti-aging facial cremes, are most effective when applied before bedtime. This is when the skin goes through its renewal process. That means the anti-aging ingredients can work far more effectively than during busy daytime hours.

The key here is to make sure the eye area has enough moisture as well as the anti-aging properties to effectively do its job. Here’s where we can be of tremendous help to you. You won’t find that kind of quality in a drugstore!

In fact, with professional eye cremes, you’ll notice right away that our ingredients are more pure. That means better results!

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