How To Seriously Look 5 Years Younger In One Hour

How To Seriously Look 5 Years Younger In One Hour

It sounds like hype doesn’t it? But it isn’t. Our title is a testament to the strength of chemical peels. And it really is all about strengths.

Peels range from “superficial” to “deep.” Each is based on the strength of the solution and has a defined purpose. For example, superficial peels are used to improve the appearance of sun damage, fine wrinkles and acne scars. These wonderful peels can be used for all skin types.

It’s also the one we use the most. Results are excellent and long lasting.

Medium peels are used to treat mild to moderate wrinkles, long term sun damage, age spots and blotchy skin, and even precancerous lesions.

Deep peels treat severe wrinkles, long term sun damage and pronounced pigment changes. Peels can be paired with other professional treatments like microdermabrasion and Intense Pulsed Light for more overall dramatic effect.

So if you seriously want to lose 5 years of fine lines, sagging skin and sun damage, you’re in good hands. That’s what we do best!

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