How We Got Our PhD In Brazilian Waxing!

How We Got Our PhD
In Brazilian Waxing!

We’re so committed to giving you worry-free Brazilian waxing that we did our homework and go a PhD. Now you don’t have to wrinkle a brow when you’re in our capable hands!

To get this prestigious degree, we had to make an over-the-top commitment to your health and ours. That’s why:

We use only hard wax for Brazilians. It’s made with salon quality ingredients that ensure exceptional results.

Our wax has a creamy texture, and does not crack or get brittle on your skin. Best of all, it absolutely does not adhere to your skin, only hair—a real pain reducer!

Our wax does not lift off the top layer of your skin, leaving the area susceptible to infection, like most waxes! Remember, it doesn’t adhere to your skin.

It also contains *titanium oxide, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Our wax has been approved for use by dermatologists. And you know how fussy they are!

Our spatulas are disposable, which reflects our commitment to your health and ours. And absolutely no double dipping! We stop cross contamination before it can stop.

We use a pre-wax oil to soften your skin and further reduce pain.

And that’s how you get a degree of Professional, Hygenic, and Disposable (PhD) in Brazilian waxing. We love what we do and it shows!

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