No Makeup And Still Beautiful?

No Makeup And Still Beautiful?

It’s every woman’s dream to wake up in the morning and look naturally beautifully—no makeup required!

This is especially true as women grow older; lips and eyebrows thin out, and your face loses some of its definition, requiring more time and attention with makeup.

If you’d rather not spend additional time at the makeup mirror penciling in eyebrows, defining narrow lips, applying mascara and liner, consider the tremendous benefits of micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing.

Under our expert hands, your face can look fresh with natural looking colour every single day! We will create a custom designed look according to your personal preferences.

To assure that you get just the look you want, we first conduct a complete medical history review. Then we perform a face shape and feature analysis, which includes measuring your face’s natural symmetry, or evenness, to achieve the most natural look possible.

Using multiple colours and methods including simulated hair strokes, feathering and shading, your brows and lips re-gain lost fullness, colour, and definition. And if you don’t want to be bothered with mascara, we can enhance your lashes by depositing minute colour between the lashes to give them more fullness.

As an active participant in the process, the only colours used are the ones you choose!

There are so many good reasons to give up the drudgery of applying makeup, especially when you can trust the talent, training and experience of a medical professional.

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