Skin Pigmentation

The skin is the largest organ in the body and it does some amazing things to protect itself. From water retention to wound healing, there is many factors of the skin that help us live our best lives!  So where does pigment come into the mix?

Where does pigment come from?  

Pigmentation starts in the basal layer of the epidermis, here your body naturally produces an amino acid called melanin which is responsible for determining your skin, hair, and eye colour! When your skin suffers trauma from sun exposure, free radicals, or inflammation, your body overproduces an excess of melanin to help heal the skin. this process is what causes most of our visible pigmentation. 

Think freckles, when your exposed to the sun your freckles darken to help shield the skin from sun damage.  The same goes with acne, once the skin is in the healing stage your body starts to overproduce melanin to protect the area. So, although pigment is an incredibly protective function of our skin it doesn’t always make us feel healed. 

Three main types of Pigmentation

  • Sun Damage

Sun-damaged pigmentation occurs when the skin’s natural defence mechanisms against UV radiation, such as the production of melanin (the pigment responsible for skin color), are overwhelmed. This results in the formation of areas of increased pigmentation

  • Post Inflammatory Trauma

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is a common skin condition that occurs after an inflammatory event, such as acne, insect bites, cuts, burns, or skin irritation. It’s characterized by the appearance of darkened patches or spots on the skin in the areas where the inflammation occurred.

  • Melasma

a patchy irregularly shaped pigmentation that generally occurs on the cheeks, forehead, lip, and chin. Melasma is more commonly seen in females as hormonal factors play a significant role in its development.

How Do You Treat Pigmentation?

The best way to treat pigmentation is to target melanin from the inside and out. A combination of Skin Needling and LED treatments will work deep into your basil layer to break down any clusters of melanin that are causing discoloration. Over the course of treatments, the pigmentation will slowly break down leaving your skin visibly clear and even in colour. Incorporating a brightening clinical peel such as our Brighten and Correct treatment, will help lighten pigment from the surface layer of skin. A series of Clinical peels and Skin needling will give you the best results. 

Regular facial treatments are super beneficial for your skin healing journey however if you do not maintain your skin at home, you won’t see the results overall. It’s like going to the gym once a month and then only doing one sit-up a day, your six-pack might take a little longer than you think!

Best Products for Pigmentation

 The best staples for a beneficial pigment-targeting skin care routine are; a good cleanser, corrective serum, and sunscreen! Here are a few of our Escape favourites;

  • Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser – This silky foam cleanser is formulated to gently remove daily residue and all traces of makeup, leaving the skin brighter, refreshed, and more radiant. Featuring a potent complex of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) and brightening ingredients. This formula works to balance moisture levels within the skin whilst fiving it a luminous glow. With soothing cucumber extract, this cleanser is ideal for normal, Dry, and oily skin. 
  • Ultra Brightening Serum– This 2-in-1 serum helps address a dull and uneven complexion like never before. This remarkable formula features a powerful complex of brightening ingredients (including Hydroxyresveratrol) and exfoliators (AHAs & BHA) to help visibly even skin tone and provide more luminous, youthful-looking skin
  • Ultra Protective Daily Moisturising SPF 50+ or 30+ – hydrating, non-whitening, lightweight sunscreen formula protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays to help prevent pigmentation and premature skin aging.


Book a Skin Consultation

To understand your pigmentation better, we recommend booking a Skin consultation with our highly trained Skin therapists who will take you through skin analysis, create a treatment plan and write up a skin care prescription that will target your skin concerns and give you the best results. 

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