Please Just Fade Away!

Please Just Fade Away!

If you’re over 40, you most likely are seeing more and more “age spots” popping up all over your body.

Aptly named, age spots are a consequence of sun damage through the accumulation of the dark pigment, melanin.

Although age spots rarely pose a threat, they are the bane of almost every woman!

Can anything be done about them? Yes! There are many choices for fading this pesky problem.

At home treatments: For light-colored spots, choose products with the vitamin A derivative, or retinoids, that accelerate exfoliation of the skin. Weaker strength glycolic and kojic acid also fade age spots.

Professional Treatments: For darker spots, the treatment may require a professional touch.

Chemical peels burn off the outer layer of skin to enable the growth of new skin.

Intense Pulsed Light also effectively tackles age spots. No matter what your aestheician recommends, the key with age spots is time and persistence.

Don’t expect a quick fix because there isn’t one. Combining treatments, however, is a highly effective way to speed up the process.

Set up a consult with us and we’ll outline a treatment plan tailored just for your skincare needs. Lastly, use sunscreen year round to prevent further damage.

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