Recommended Treatments for Teenagers

A good skin care regimen is essential for beautiful skin, and this is especially important for teens. As hormone levels rise and bodies change, skin reacts. For some teens, it’s an occasional pimple or blemish. For other teens, breakouts go far beyond a zit or two, to create a chronic condition known as acne.

The first step of any good skincare regime for teens is understanding the skin. During the teenage years, hormone levels spike, which in skin terms equals one thing: oiliness. The main aim of a teenage skincare regime, should be dedicated to balancing the skin and controlling oil production. As the teen years can be challenging for many, we can educate our teens in good skin health so they may have one less thing to worry about.


Our Teen Facial starts with a deep cleanse and consultation. This treatment focuses on prevention, acne, scarring, black heads and educating our teenagers on how to care for their skin at home. The skin is nurtured and rebalanced while impurities are removed. This treatment includes a customised mask and massage. We are really passionate about teenage skin, because if we can set the foundations of great habits early, then we can prevent so much damage in the future.

Superfood for Teen Skin

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