The Tremendous Benefits Of Pedicures For Diabetics

The Tremendous Benefits Of
Pedicures For Diabetics

It’s one thing to have aching feet, but when you’re diabetic, it can be downright dangerous!

Poor foot care can lead to a host of other health problems for persons with diabetes. So why not get off on the right foot to start with? (Please excuse the pun)

For diabetics with no foot complications, monthly pedicures are an essential part of your wellness plan.

Here’s why:

• A professional pedicure can prevent infections and diseases of the nail

• Reduce foot odor

• Exfoliates calluses and corns keep them from causing painful walking

• Sloughs off dead skin preventing the possibility of infection taking up residence in your feet

• Increases circulation to your feet, which also helps prevent infection

• Relaxes you and that reduces elevated blood sugar levels to normal

• Hydrates dry, cracked feet

Our licensed professionals give you the gentlest of care to keep you healthy. And for diabetics, health starts in the feet!

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