There’s Nothing “Superficial” About These Skin Problems!

There’s Nothing “Superficial” About These Skin Problems!

You know them as:

– fine lines
– wrinkles
– age spots
– facial creases
– large/clogged pores
– uneven skin tone
– sun damage
– sagging skin
– blemishes
– mild scars

The beauty industry calls them “superficial” because they aren’t deep problems or life threatening.

Maybe…but are you kidding me? These pesky little devils wreak havoc on your self-esteem! And that’s not a trivial matter. If you feel the mirror is mocking you it’s time to give yourself something more than chocolate.

Stop what you’re doing and book the most sought after treatment in the world (and it won’t break the bank, either) Microdermabrasion is so safe and so effective that it’s the celebrity go to treatment for looking glam.

No wonder.

Your lymphatic system, also your trashcan, is critical to how your skin looks. Unfortunately, all those toxins mostly just hang around creating dull skin, blackheads, whiteheads, and more.

Microdermabrasion takes out your facial trash and stimulates collagen and elastin at the same time.

And that’s the beauty of microdermabrasion. It works on the surface as well as below to give you truly beautiful skin. Ask for a consult today!

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