This Skin Was Meant To Be Baked—Yours Was Not!

This Skin Was Meant To Be Baked—Yours Was Not!

Okay, we admit it. This is the time of year when aestheticians freak out a bit. During the winter months, we can usually keep it together.

But now? Not so much. Everywhere we look we see women and men frying their skin in the name of…looking good.

Hip. Chic. Cool. Whatever.

And it doesn’t matter what we say, what statistics we quote, some humans feel the insane urge to bake like a potato in the sun.

So be it.

That’s why this year we’re simply going to answer the two skin questions we hear the most this time of year.

“What are these brown spots on my hands and face? They seem like they’re worse. How do I get rid of them?’

These spots go by various common names, age spots, liver spots, sunspots and more. They are mainly caused by overexposure to the sun. The ultraviolet light causes overstimulation of melanocyte cells, and they lump together and show up as age spots.

Age spots seem to get worse in the summer. Actually, just more of their friends show up to the party. The more you see, the more evidence of sun damage.

What can you do? Keep your skin protected with sunscreen to limit overexposure to the sun. Next, consider laser or IPL to fade out those little guys.

But remember, with continued over exposure to the sun, age spots will come back and bring their friends.

“My cheeks are reddish and I don’t have rosacea or a sunburn. What’s going on?”

Usually these are broken capillaries and the causes are many, chief among them is overexposure to the sun. Extremes in temperatures spread

these tired, worn out capillaries, as does aggressive over-exfoliation.

Remember to keep your skin protected with a sunscreen at all times to reduce spreading them. Wear a hat! Again, laser or IPL are excellent choices of treatment.

There you have it, the two biggest questions about conditions involving skin. And wouldn’t you know it both conditions involve overexposure to the sun. Just saying.

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