Advanced Facial Treatments

Advanced Facial Treatments

Advanced Facials are designed to take the skin to the “next level.” More superior and sophisticated ingredients including specialised masks, exfoliation procedures and enhanced serums are used in these facials to achieve the best possible results and nourish your skin.

Skin Workout Facial 75 mins 120.00

Skin looking dehydrated, dull and aged?
Treat yourself to a luxury facial that infuses vitamins into the skin using ultrasound technology to smooth, plump and diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retrieve that instant glow that makes you look and feel fabulous!

Vita-Lift ACE Power Facial 75 mins 150.00

Featuring our triple-action anti-ageing powerhouse ingredients Vitamin A, C, & AHA’s & BHA, this treatment combines a skin peel and an infusion of antioxidants for pure indulgence with skin rejuvenation. Actively works to reverse the visible signs of ageing by perfecting and refining the skins overall appearance.

Photo Rejuvenation Facial 45 mins 250.00

The rolls royce of all skin treatments, IPL is used to target aged, wrinkled and damaged skin in need of major anti-ageing. IPL can target pigmentation, broken capillaries, stimulate collagen growth and restore volume and elasticity to the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished, pore size reduced and dull skin gains a brighter more youthful appearance. Noticeable visual results after one treatment.

LumiFacial 60 mins 150.00

A cut above the rest! Prepare yourself for the biggest and best changes you will ever see in your skin. The LumiFacial targets common skin problems of the face, such as  fine lines, blemishes, redness, acne and uneven pigmentation. This uniquely therapeutic treatment uses LED (Light Emitting Diodes) to reverses signs of ageing by increasing collagen production. It regenerates tissues, reduces redness, breaks down pigmentation, and heals acne. Generally, 8 to 10 treatments achieve optimal results. Ask for a brochure complete with before and after photos.

LumiLift (exclusive to escape in Hobart) 75 mins 180.00

Using technology produced by NASA and unlike anything else available on the market today, we can now REVERSE (yes that is reverse) the ageing of your skin and take years off your face in a matter of weeks. Imagine having skin that looks, feels and is plumped and taut, without even going near a needle or suffering the after effects that artificially injected collagen can cause! Imagine… having a face-lift without going under the knife. This powerful, non invasive treatment combines light therapy, impulse micro-currents and ultrasound to turn back the clock. NO DOWNTIME, NO RISKS and RESULTS in weeks. Generally, a course of treatments achieve optimal results. Ask for a brochure complete with before and after photos of this amazing treatment.

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