Foot Couture

Foot Couture

Experience a relaxing Pedi Spa in our Duo Deluxe Pedi Room. Come with a friend, or come on your own, our treatment and surroundings are sure to please.

Colour gel on toes 70.00
Colour gel with pedicure 95.00
Spa Pedicure 65.00
Spa Pedicure Deluxe 75.00
French Spa Pedicure 70.00
French Spa Pedicure Deluxe 80.00

Callus Peel

In just 30 minutes, experience the difference a CALLUS PEEL makes! This simple four step process, starts with a Skin Softening patch that is wrapped around the affected area to soften the skin, a special scraper(no blade required) is then used to peel away the dead calluses away, followed by the third step to polish the remaining skin area. This professional treatment can only be provided by a Beauty Therapist….book yours now and make sure your pedi has “a peel” as you get ready to step out for summer!

Callus Peel 60.00
Callus Peel with Pedicure 115.00

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