Hand Couture

Hand Couture

Our nail tech, Rhianna is a very talented Nail Technician Her many talents include: immaculate gel and shellac nails, and nail art creations. Prior to starting at Escape, Rhianna ran her own business and had 4 years industry experience.

For appointment with Rhianna, please call (03) 6223 3433 or book online. Rhianna is available for appointments, weekdays as well as weekends and Wednesday nights. Old and new clients are very welcome!

Hand Couture

Spa Manicure 59.00
Deluxe Spa Manicure 65.00
French Manicure 65.00
Deluxe 70.00
Polish (Application Only) 20.00
French 35.00
Express Manicure (no polish) 49.00

Gel Nails

Clear Overlays 65.00
French Overlays 70.00
Full Set Tips-Colour/French 95.00
Gel nails (with manicure) add 20.00

Party Tips

A temporary tip is applied to the nail to add length without gel. Includes polishs 65.00

Nail re-balancing

Refills 65.00 Clear
Refills French/Colour (inc 1 repair) 68.00
Buff and Polish 40.00


11.00 with refills 5.5
Gel/Acrylic Removal includes Buff & Polish 45

Boutique Designer Nails

Shellac Nails 60.00
Shellac Nails French 65.00
Shellac with Manicure 80.00
French 85.00
Shellac with Pedicur 80.00
French 85.00
Shellac – Removal ONLY 20.00
Shellac, the super Nail Polish that lasts 14 days with ZERO dry time!

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