We have a dedicated team of nail professionals, experienced in giving top-notch manicures and pedicures. When you book your appointment, you can expect to receive a spa-grade experience with some of the most knowledgeable and friendly nail professionals in the Hobart area and across Tasmania.

Our team adheres to strict hygienic standards, and we take pride in the pristine conditions maintained at our salon.

**As per Covid-19 guidelines and for the safety of all staff and clients, we have installed sneeze guards at all of the nail service stations. These are in place for all nail, manicure, gel and shellac services.


Spa manicure 70.00
Deluxe Spa manicure 80.00
French manicure 75.00
Deluxe French manicure 80.00
File, Buff and polish 50.00
Colour Gel 70.00
Colour Gel with Pedicure 110.00
Express manicure (no polish) 59.00
Nail Art-Glitter Tips 5.00
Nail Art-Glitter Full Nail 10.00

GEL NAILS (with manicure add 20.00)

Clear overlays 750.00
French overlays 85.00
Gel Extensions 105.00
Refills 80.00
Repairs 15.00
with refills 5.50
Gel/acrylic removal includes buff and polish 49.00
Gel removal with new application 15.00
Nail art-glitter tips 5.00
Nail art-glitter full nail 10.00
Express Pedicure (no Polish) 60.00


Spa Pedicure 79.00
Deluxe Spa Pedicure 89.00
French spa pedicure 70.00
Deluxe French spa pedicure 80.00
Callus Removal 60.00
Callus Removal with Pedicure 120.00
Colour gel 70.00
Colour gel with pedicure 110.00
Express Pedicure (no Polish) 60.00


Shellac Applications only 70.00
Shellac French 75.00
Shellac with manicure 90.00
Shellac with French manicure 95.00
Shellac with pedicure 90.00
Shellac with French pedicure 95.00
Shellac removal 25.00