Spray on Tan / Body Treatments

Escape Skin and Body offer a decedent range of body treatments for all occasions. Using Pure Fiji, Vani-t, Three Warriors, and natural oils, we can accommodate for all skin types and concerns.

Our experienced therapists perform spray tans for both males and females all year round. So while you might start out feeling pale and a little awkward, we’ll have you feeling confident and sexy by the time you leave.

All 3 of our spray tanning systems offer:

  • No orange colour
  • No streaking
  • Natural looking

Avoid the sun’s harmful rays by getting the best fake tan you want without the sunburn. Colours available include light, medium and dark.  Processing times depend on spray tan system, but vary from 4-8 hours.

Enriched with moisturizing properties our three shades of Tanning solution will provide a seamless glow. We offer Three Warriors, Vani-T Sun express and Vanti-T Dark Noir Tanning Solutions. Our therapists will do a skin and colour consult with you to best match your skin with the correct solution. We recommend that you exfoliate prior to arriving, avoid using moisturisers or oils on your skin and wear loose dark clothing for the appointment. 

We also stock three Warriors at home tanning products.


Full Body mineral salt scrub and hydration 109.00
Body polish and Spray Tan 139.00
Spray Tan              57.00
Body Massage 30 mins 95.00
Body Massage 45 mins 115.00
Body Massage 60 mins 140.00
Warm Sensory Stone Massage 60 mins 145.00
Ear piercing (lobe only) 89.00

Body / Stone Massage 

Our massage treatments incorporate an expert range of techniques to help lower stress, reduce pain and boost mental wellness. Our highly trained spa therapist will go through a body consult to ensure they target your areas of concern and perform a massage best suited to your needs. Our massage pressure ranges from relaxation light to deep pressure. Please always consult your doctor first if you have underlying health issues.  

Incorporate hot stones to stimulate your muscles and feel a deeper sense of calm throughout the body. 

30 minutes massage

Time poor and hurting? A 30 minute massage is just enough time to reduce any aches and pains in the body whilst still feeling relaxed after. Add a 30 minute massage to any facial treatment and receive a 10% discount on your massage.

45 minute massage

A Targeted massage treatment that we suggest you focus on one area only. Ideal for any muscle tightness and injuries. Add this on to a facial treatment and receive a 10% discount on your massage.

60 minute massage 

Allow yourself to unwind with a full body massage experience. This hour long treatment will help balance the body and reduce stress in the muscles and mind. Add this on to a facial treatment and receive a 10% discount.

Hot stone sensory massage

Incorporate Hot stones into your hour massage! Heat has long been used to reduce muscle pain and tension. As the heat increase blood flow to the area of tension the muscle is able to soften and promote circulation, elevating the tired strained muscles. A great treatment for a deeper release or perfect for a cold day treat. 

Full body Sugar Scrub

Renew and revitalize dull, dry and dehydrated skin with this natural exfoliation and extraordinary moisturizing treatment using the Pure Fiji coconut sugar scrub. This 45-minute treatment is a full body rejuvenating experience. The Pure Fiji Sugar scrubs help to lift dry skin whilst retaining moisture as the sugar melts into your body. Hot towels are used to remove all residue and an application of the Pure Fiji coconut lotion is applied with massage techniques from head to two. This is a beautiful treatment to renew the skin and promote circulation throughout.


What Can't I Do After a Spray Tan?

Whilst your Spray tan is developing we recommend not to excessively sweat, go swimming or use products such as Deodorant. Although the tanning solution is 75% absorbed straight after the application, any type of water that comes in contact with the skin can cause discoloration.  For more information, check out our blog on what you can’t do after a spray tan

How long will my tan last?

Every person is different when it comes to tans, if you have very dry skin your tan will flake off naturally faster. We recommend to use a gradual tanner every 2-3 days after you get your tan to moisturize your skin and keep the tan intact. Generally, a tan can last from 5 days to 2 weeks with the right home care routine. 


What Should I Not do After a Body Massage?

We suggest to take it easy, try to not over exercise or be hyperactive. The muscles that have been worked on our now in recovery and toxins have been release and ready to be cleared from the body. You may feel light headed or a little sore and this is completely fine, allow your body to rest and recover 


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