Spray on Tan / Body Treatments

Look sexier, slimmer and sun-kissed in an instant with a Spray on Tan, without worrying about harmful UV rays.

Our experienced therapists perform spray tans for both males and females all year round. So while you might start out feeling pale and a little awkward, we’ll have you feeling confident and sexy by the time you leave.

All 3 of our spray tanning systems offer:

  • No orange colour
  • No streaking
  • Natural looking

Avoid the sun’s harmful rays by getting the best fake tan you want without the sunburn. Colours available include light, medium and dark.  Processing times depend on spray tan system, but vary from 4-8 hours.

We offer the following Spray tan products:  Vani-T, The Three Warriors and Naked Tan.

Take home products are also available to keep your tan looking on point for longer.


Full Body mineral salt scrub and hydration 85.00
Body polish and Spray Tan 110.00
Spray Tan 55.00
Body Massage 30 mins 85.00
Body Massage 45 mins 99.00
Body Massage 60 mins 120.00
Warm Sensory Stone Massage 60 mins 135.00
Ear piercing (lobe only) 79.00