When Should I Consider Facial Fillers?

When Should I Consider Facial Fillers?

That answer is as individual as people! It really depends on the aging “speedometer” and your preference, but it’s not uncommon for women to start facial fillers in their mid-thirties. Just remember, you don’t have to let a number define when you want to enhance your appearance.

But sometimes “game changers” happen. Maybe you’re recovering from a major illness, or you’ve lost a lot of weight, or you have been under a huge amount of stress. Each one of these can add years to your appearance.

So don’t hesitate to include cosmetic fillers as part of your rejuvenation. But even if you don’t have major life events happening, consider this. Making small changes to your appearance earlier can dramatically reduce the growing signs of aging later.

Imagine your friends saying, “Gosh, you just never get any older. What’s your secret?” That’s the beauty of preventative care. It pays you back over and over. Today’s woman has more control over her appearance than any other time in history.

All you have to do is take advantage of it! You can start with a consultation with us. Keeping women beautiful everyday of their lives is our passion.

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