skin-care-hobart-escape-skin-body Sometimes clients will tell us they think they have rosacea because their skin is red and flushes easily.

But when we take a closer look, we find another common culprit, couperose, or broken capillaries.

Broken or dilated capillaries are tiny veins that appear on the face, most commonly around the nose and cheeks. While these spidery, reddish blemishes aren’t harmful, they can stand in the way of that clear, glowing complexion you’re looking for. They occur when the capillary walls expand and contract too quickly, causing them to tear and allowing blood to seep out. Thin, dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin provides less protection and are the most commonly effected. Once these broken vessels appear, they do not heal or disappear on their own. Luckily, treatment with laser or IPL is quick, safe and effective.

There are several reasons capillaries may weaken and break. Heredity is one. Some of us were just born with naturally thin, weak skin, which of course, includes the capillary walls of your face. Extremes in temperatures can increase the likelihood of developing couperose. With constant exposure, the skin thins, weakening capillary walls.

Another factor is aggressive over exfoliation of the skin. No, you won’t get better results if you scrub harder! You’ll just create a spidery network of broken capillaries across your beautiful face. What can you do about couperose?

We have skincare that targets this exact problem, and complementary hydrating treatments that combat redness and lock in moisture.

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