“Why Do My Nails Peel And Break?”

“Why Do My Nails Peel And Break?”

Just like your skin, nails can become dehydrated. Instead of flexibility, you’ve got splitting, tearing, and peeling.

There are a lot of reasons that nails become weak and break. Sometimes it’s a medical condition that can cause it, like hypothyroidism, but sometimes Mother Nature is to blame.

Culprits like aging and menopause have been cited as reasons for peeling and breakage. Nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin A, C, D, and B vitamins can cause brittle nails as well.

Trade in dry, weak nails for strong, flexible nails. Include regular manicures as part of your recovery program. Relaxing and hardworking, manicures promote the health of both your hands and nails.

We’ll care for your cuticles, trim and shape your nails, and massage your hands and arms. We’ll also massage your nail beds! When we buff your nails to a high shine, we stimulate blood flow and that promotes stronger, healthier nails.

Our nail technician will also suggest nail strengthening products to fortify and strengthen your nails. With our expertise and care, we’ll help you build strong healthy nails that make you feel more confident and prettier!

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