Will It Be Obvious That I Had Facial Filler Work?

Will It Be Obvious That I Had Facial Filler Work?

“Wow! You look great! What’s your secret?”

That’s how it starts. Your friends notice that you look better. You’re still you, just better. And isn’t that what you want? No one here in our clinic wants a client to walk out of the door looking like Dolly Parton!

No way! The true mark of a skilled craftsman is to leave no obvious sign of the work performed. The whole point of facial enhancement is simply that, not to look like you’ve “had work done.”

We want to take your natural attributes and give them a lift or nudge. With facial fillers, we can fill in areas that need more definition without making it look obvious. But it’s more than just having the skill and experience to do this work.

The professional must have an eye for it! Think Jennifer Aniston. She obviously has a professional who has an eye for preserving her natural beauty. And that’s exactly our philosophy.

We want you to celebrate who you are and, at the same time, to feel confident with your looks, and to keep your friends guessing!

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